I am a visual artist working in a broad range of mediums, including graphite, coloured pencil, acrylics, oils and printmaking. My work is, for the most part, a product of what I see every day.  I feel that the small, seemingly insignificant things often overlooked are the most interesting and unique subjects. There is beauty all around us hidden by the overwhelming chaos we are regularly exposed to. Still life, especially with a floral component, has always been a pleasure for me to draw and paint. I also enjoy depicting the human figure, with all its complexities and emotions.

Northern Ontario has always been my home and has never failed to inspire me as an artist. The Lake Superior and surrounding areas in particular are filled with contrasting features, from majestic landscapes to small flora and fauna. I enjoy capturing the elements of this combination and sharing them with others. In the process of depicting the natural world I have come to realize its fragility. This has led me to consider art as not only a way to express myself, but also as a means of education about issues such as conservation and protection of our natural resources.

My philosophy in art, as in life, is that if we can show one another the joy of living in a world filled with marvel and wonder, we can also hope to make life meaningful and worth living for everyone.